Achieve UMR Compliance
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The Industry’s Most Complete and Comprehensive SIMM™ Governance Framework Combined with State-of-the-Art Technology for Successful Preparation for Uncleared Margin Requirement (UMR).
If your firm is in scope for UMR (upcoming Phases 5 and 6), you are required to set up a compliant UMR framework and start posting and collecting Initial Margin (IM) with your covered counterparties.

The regulators allow two options for the IM model: (1) the regulatory Scheduled-IM model or (2) an approved internally developed model. The latter, de facto implies choosing the Standard Initial Margin Model (SIMM™) developed by ISDA™.

However, securing regulatory approval for your SIMM™ model usage requires more than setting up a simple API. IM regulatory compliance success requires you to implement a complete and comprehensive Model Risk Management framework for the SIMM™ model. In the past, this has been a time and cost-intensive undertaking, now, it will also be a risky endeavor as qualified resources will become scarce.

OMNI Risks Management's SimmForce changes this paradigm and delivers to you a head-start towards an approved SIMM™ Framework.

Our expertise and experience in MRM and SIMM™ combined with best-in-class technology have been designed to set your firm up to exceed the UMR requirements for IM and gain regulatory approval more quickly.
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