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Basel Apps

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) is an international standard-setting body for the banking industry, comprising central banks and regulators worldwide. It is responsible for developing and promoting the implementation of regulatory standards and guidelines for the banking sector, enhancing the stability and resilience of the global financial system.

Below are several Suites & Apps that we are bringing to demonstrate the work of the BCBS and its regulatory standards.

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Data Apps

Below are several Suites & Apps that we are bringing to demonstrate [?]

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Margin Apps

In order to mitigate counterparty credit risk, brokerages and exchanges typically require traders to deposit a certain amount of collateral when entering into leveraged trades. This collateral, known as the margin, acts as a buffer to protect the brokerage or exchange against potential losses resulting from the trade. Margin requirements are the amount of collateral a trader must deposit with a brokerage or exchange to enter a leveraged trade.

There are two main margin requirements: initial margin and variation margin. The initial margin is used to mitigate the potential future exposure, while the variation margin is used to mitigate the current exposure. 

Below are the Suites & Apps we offer to demonstrate margin calculation workflows for derivatives.

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