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​Comprehensive initial margin platform for listed derivatives

OMNI Risks Management is an [licensed vendor]

Key Features

OmTIMS delivers precise, clear, visually appealing margin reports on the spot.

Interactive well-designed analytics


On-demand analysis of market movement and what-if's impact on portfolio

Managed by your IT department supporting from multi-instance to multi-tenant solution

Ubiquitous systems with Open API
Ubiquitous users with Microsoft Teams

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  • Record new trades and new positions

  • Compute intraday margins changes as new trades are uploaded to the app 

  • Reconciliation of portfolio with all parties

  • Model validation and documentation

  • Combine existing positions and new trades to forecast the margin for the new positions

  • Simulate the impact of volatility and underlying asset move to the margin

  • Stress test

  • Full portfolio exposure from the company level, including all client

  • Audit trail

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Ubiquitous Interface with Microsoft Teams


Increased accessibility to the result for different roles


Easy collaboration & sharing between departments


Easy onboarding with no training or new register

IT Management

Centrally managed by your IT department

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