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​Comprehensive initial margin platform for uncleared OTC derivatives

OMNI Risks Management is an ISDA SIMM™ Licensed Vendor

Are You and Your Clients Ready for Uncleared Margin Rules?

Our comprehensive, flexible, and user-friendly platform bring you all the tools you need to set up or optimize your business process while ensuring full regulatory compliance for you and your clients.

Our OmSIMM solution provides you with the best-in-class computation, optimization, and simulation tools. But, more importantly, it provides an entire framework around the calculation engines to meet your business needs and regulatory requirements and support your clients. So, from implementation to regulator final approval, we got you. 

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Example Workflows

Compute AANA & Monitor IM
  • Quickly compute group consolidated AANA (Average Aggregate Notional Amount)

  • Automated ongoing monitoring for IM levels and alerts

  • Management of IM and UMR strategy

Compute IM & get ready for posting
  • High-performance IM computation on-demand

Daily / quarterly reporting
  • Automatic generation of business and regulatory reports

  • Intuitive interactive interfaces to dive into the IM tree or break down the IM per trade

  • Automatic benchmarking and backtesting

Reconcile & investigate your IM dispute
  • Full support for clients and all counterparties

  • Smart investigations for fast reconciliations

  • Automatic dispute resolution reports generation

  • Full trail auditing

  • Past computations repeatability

  • Pre-trade analysis

  • Easy model upgrade impact analysis

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Ubiquitous Interface with Microsoft Teams


Increased accessibility to the result for different roles


Easy collaboration & sharing between departments


Easy onboarding with no training or new register

IT Management

Centrally managed by your IT department

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